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here are a few of my favorite things atm:
hard for me to pick just one song to post here but vegetable car is a classic

especially you da manny

goo yankees
i'm kind of like a food evangelist. if giving people copies of the china study is like handing out bibles...

letter to the yankees

To Brian Cashman,
Please do not trade Melky. If Joe Girardi really would rather have Brett Gardner in center field [who is like 6 years older than the milk man] then fine. But I think you can probably find a job for Robinson Cano's best friend in the clubhouse, no? Or the dugout? He can hold sunflower seeds.
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go big blue

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hey m.phelps,
thanks for making me look hot. i never realized you looked so deformed with a shirt on.
thanks, e.manning.

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Last night's Chuck was so amazing.

"I made a ten million dollar bet that he loved you."

And he does. duh.

a letter to someone who won't read it

hey jason mraz,
thanks for writing a song about me.
love, joan.

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my love for tony hale

I am so glad he is on Chuck now. An awesome show, an awesome actor who will forever be Buster for me but also deserves to be employed. His creepiness as the new asst manager of Buy More is great.
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i love will arnett.

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yeah, i've become that annoying person who only updates her lj with memes.
i think "bleeding love" is an amazing song. so i'm reading leona lewis' wiki and it says that the song was written by ryan tedder [of onerepublic; love him] and jesse mccartney.

weird, no?